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Aluminium Is An Extremely Stable Material , Sliding Folding System Ensuring Expansion And Contraction Is Kept To A Minimum When There Are Changes In The Ambient Temperature. Aug 21, 2018

      Aluminium is an extremely stable material , ensuring Expansion and contraction is kept to a minimum when there are changes in the ambient temperature. Aluminium expands no more than 1mm per meter. PVC will expand at 3mm per meter. Where Folding sliding doors, and picture windows are several meters across, aluminium is the only sensible choice.

     Aesthetically, there are no unattractive welded joints as with 10mm tempered glass. Aluminium will never rot or warp, and will never need repainting year after year unlike timber products.

    There are hundreds of finishes available.

    Looking at all of these advantages, and the excellent performance in terms of security, thermal insulation, sound insulation and weather proofing, aluminium is the number 1 choice.

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