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Window frames Feb 20, 2019

Window frames

To complement the glazing system, a frame with a low U-value assists in reducing the whole window U-value. Frames that use timber, composite aluminium/timber, or thermal break aluminium,design, outperform standard aluminium windows by providing advanced thermal performance. Timber is the preferred choice to be window frame because of its terrible heat transfer efficient. Our wood cladding aluminium frame is the upgraded frame of timber frame and thermal break aluminium. While timber performs better on energy efficient and cost less, but exterior timber side may rot rot, warp, peel or rust when they are installed in adverse weather condition, in normal weather condition , exterior timber side will last 10-15 year's without any damage based on our timber treat technique. I'd like to show you Wood cladding aluminium frame , timber part thickness options we offer 68mm(2.67in) 78mm(3.07in), with aluminium cladding thickness is 20mm(0.79in) , this type frame brings elegant wood type looking interior and strong structure exterior. If you'd like a window with wood cladding aluminium looking but with less cost, I recommend another type wood cladding aluminium which configured with thinner wood timber interior and thicker thermal break aluminium exterior. 

Wood cladding aluminium frame is way heavy than thermal break aluminium frame, and with heavy double or triple glazing glass, the windows requires the hardware strictly. We selected Roto Brand and Truth Brand hardware to ensure the window can be open and close smoothly with less strength.

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