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what's the actual frameless balcony system? Jul 02, 2018

      The frameless balcony is just a substitute for the frame. No frame is seen from the surface. In fact, there are frames above and below, but the column is converted into a colorless plastic strip, which achieves a frameless effect. This new type of window is made of high-preservation tempered glass, corresponding hardware and large-section aluminum alloy. It is designed in such a way that each window can be moved to the left and right, and can also be arranged block by block from 90°C to 180°C. 

     The entire balcony window can be fully opened according to the needs of users, or it can be completely closed, fully retaining the characteristics and functions of the balcony. It can effectively block wind and rain, cut off dust and noise, and a reasonable structure enables the windows to open inwards. It is not necessary to open the window out of the body and the cleaning is very safe and simple. Because there is no vertical window frame, there is no obstruction to the line of sight when the window is closed, and the maximum light is penetrated into the room, which is close to nature, making the balcony a fully casual sun room.