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Use frameless window, transparent and bright like sea view room. Oct 19, 2018

    We know that when the new house is renovated, whether it is a balcony or a window, it will be closed later. First, it is safer to prevent the dirty objects from flying into the room after closing the balcony and the window. Second, it feels better after being closed. However, windows and balconies are important hubs for indoor and outdoor connections. If the closure is too dead, it will appear cold and depressed.

    However, when decorating your home, if you install a glass curtain, the effect will be even better, and the transparent light will be like a sea view room, so you must insist on using a glass curtain. The decorator also said that the advantage of using glass curtain is that there are not so many plastic steel frames. When resting, you only need to push the glass to the dust and noise, and the structure is stable and safe. The most important thing is to clean the glass very conveniently.

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