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The technology development of frameless balcony window. Sep 28, 2018

    In recent years, with the development of China's frameless balcony window technology, the frameless balcony window has greatly improved both the structural materials and the installation process! Especially for the curved balcony, the frameless balcony window has a greater improvement, from the beginning of the segmented splicing frameless balcony window (aluminum profile segmentation splicing, using straight glass, a certain angle between each two sections) .To the pure arc-shaped frameless balcony window (according to the curvature of the balcony, the large-scale hydraulic equipment is used to bend and bend the aluminum profile, so that the aluminum profile is closely matched with the curvature of the balcony, combined with the curved tempered glass, and integrated with the balcony, the overall beauty is luxurious. Good sealing performance, high-strength noise-reducing bearing pulley, light and silent sliding, four-wheel force, easy to open, to achieve the true sense of the arc-shaped frameless balcony window), there is a new breakthrough in the frameless balcony window technology! Get the user's favor!

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