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The structure of balcony glazing system. Aug 30, 2018

    There are many types of frameless folding sliding doors, and the market is mainly made of glass as theframeless folding sliding doors.

    The general frameless folding sliding doors is composed of a slide rail, a pulley, a door clamp, a glass door, a foot, etc., the slide rail is a double groove type, the pulleys are pulleys on both sides, a suspension bolt is bolted in the middle of the pulley, and the bolt is suspended. Screw the sling nut, the sling nut is placed in the groove of the two door clamps, the frameless folding sliding door is sandwiched between the two door clamps, the cushion is sandwiched between the glass door and the two door clamps, and the slide rail is mounted by screws In the upper door frame, the trolley is installed in the sliding rail, and the lower end of the frameless folding sliding door is installed in the concave ground. The two door clamps are fixed by the bolts to fix the glass door and the hanging nut, and then tightened by the fastening nut.

    It can be applied to a variety of occasions, and it is easy to install and maintain, flexible, noise-free, beautiful and elegant and improved lighting effect.

frameless folding sliding door