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The difference between copper gate and copper aluminum door May 10, 2018

Now a lot of people will choose to imitate copper door, the copy of copper door that is on the market now mostly is iron gate, the appearance of beautiful degree still can. Before a few years the use of imitation bronze is produced with the manufacture, after a year or two will appear the rust off paint, with the innovation of the market, some manufacturers will use galvanized steel plate, because the surface of galvanized steel processing requirement is higher, and not easy to rust. Recently steel plate door appeared to drop paint situation, so copper aluminous door appears, copper aluminium door and imitate copper door what distinction?

Simulation of bronze and general high imitation bronze and price is quite a lot of, the life of a common imitation bronze cost is low, affected by the ultraviolet radiation and the devastation of the wind and rain is easy to be pulverization, fade. But the high simulation copper door USES ultraviolet ray acrylic, the weather is strong, the paint has been treated surface, can be used for a long time without discoloration.

Copper aluminum door is colour and lustre, ordinary imitation bronze knowledge in copper plastic powder to add some copper powder, electrostatic spraying, reduce the adhesion and plank, so easy to melt powder paint, color also can appear uneven, hand feels the feeling will be very rough. And the high simulation copper door USES ultraviolet ray acrylic, the metal feeling is strong, the color is even.

There are a lot of methods to distinguish the copper gate and the copper aluminum door. Now some copper and aluminum door manufacturers are small in scale, and they are all painted according to the requirements of the show.