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The balcony glazing plays an important roles in life. Jul 18, 2018

The balcony glazing plays an important roles in life.

   1.more safe: after the balcony is closed, the house has another layer of protection net. When the social security is bad, the first layer of protection will set a big obstacle for the criminals, which can play a role of security.

    2.clean and hygienic: after the balcony is closed, a layer of dust-blocking windows is added to effectively block the invasion of sand, dust and rain. The indoor sanitary condition is better than that of the unsealed balcony. You can also relax the clothes without worrying. The clothes that have been dried are blown away by the wind.

    3. expand the scope of use: in the case of relatively tight living conditions, the closed balcony can be used as a space for writing, reading, storage, fitness, or as a living space. When the balcony is not closed, the form of use is more diverse, which increases the use area of the living room.

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