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Finzone retractable balcony glazing wall system can offer many benefits and guarantee good quality. Aug 29, 2018

      Fizone retractable balcony glazing wall systems offer many benefits: They maximize the use of your balcony throughout the all seasons. No matter what the weather brings— rain, snow or winds — you will be comfortable and protected behind closed glass panels with Fizone retractable balcony glazing wall systems. On a beautiful day, you can open the panels and let fresh air in. That's the beauty of Fizone retractable balcony glazing wall systems! Moreover, with Fizone retractable balcony glazing wall systems fully-closed, occupants can reduce street noise by up to 50%. Condominium corporations benefit from China Fizone retractable balcony glazing wall systems by savings in energy consumption and reduced maintenance intervals in buildings. 

      Fizone retractable balcony glazing wall systems are made of tempered glass with UV safety film and durable aluminum and are custom fit to your space. Frameless,Fizone retractable balcony glazing wall system panels are easy to clean and maintain. The systems come with 5-year warranty for product and 2-year warranty for labour.

retractable balcony glazing wall systems