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​Finzone glazed balcony is an extra room at home and easy to furnish with furniture. Sep 06, 2018

     Finzone glazed balcony is an extra room at home and easy to furnish with furniture and other important elements you like. Pleasantly furnished balcony will attract you to stay and relax. Your guests may also find it the most popular place. When fitting the balcony out, remember that the requirements set for its furniture are higher than those for normal living room furniture. The teak and plastic wickerwork furniture with stainless steel or rust-proof metal sections last longer on the balcony.

     The Finzone glazed balcony keeps rain, snow, wind, dust and birds away from the balcony. It protects the balcony’s inner surfaces and structures, and thus lengthens maintenance and repair intervals. It also reduces noise and saves energy. The Finzone glazed balcony provide a convenient way of adding space to your home.

Finzone glazed balcony