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finzone frameless glass bifold doors have the largest possible doors available in your opening. Jul 27, 2018

     Finzone frameless glass bifold doors provide complete uninterrupted panoramic views because no vertical profiles are required. No wonder they won the many award for most innovative frameless bifold door/window system. They really give a wow factor to anywhere they are put, but don’t take our word for it, check out our gallery. They are known in the industry as frameless bifolds doors, butfinzone frameless bifold glass doors  actually operate by sliding and turning each panel individually. All the hardware is specifically designed to ensure that views remain unobstructed.

    Finzone frameless glass bifold door can be made to swing either outwards or inwards and slide with an unlimited number of panels. As the chart below shows the maximum width each panel can be is 900mm. It's more cost effective to have the largest possible doors available in your opening.