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There are many advantages in finzone balcony glazing system Sep 21, 2018

There are many advantages in finzone balcony glazing system:

1, quality assurance:

        Finzone company has a world-class R&D staff for frameless windows. Each product is launched with innovative new standards in the industry. Every technology innovation is designed to enhance the enjoyment of users. The Finzone frameless window is underwritten by Ping An Insurance Company of China, which guarantees the interests of customers in all aspects.

2, the core advantages:

       (1)Finzone tempered glass - tempered glass with European tempering technology standard, strong toughness and high wind pressure resistance.

        (2) Edge-sealed extruded handle switch - the first in the industry, and obtained the patent certification issued by the state. The technology eliminates the bridge, drawstring and lock of the previous products, and can realize the switch with one hand, which is convenient and easy to operate, and greatly improves the airtightness of the frameless balcony glazing system.

       (3) Aluminum alloy edge seal - the first in the industry, and obtained the patent certification issued by the state. The aluminum-magnesium alloy edge seal replaces the traditional plastic strip between the windows and never fades, once and for all. Users no longer have to worry about the aging and yellowing of the plastic strips by the wind and the sun, and the whole window is more secure and safe.

        (4) Up and down integrated structure - the new product "Classic 0" using this technology, using the industry's first spindle handle alloy encapsulation process, is the wheel and not easy to oxidize, prolong the service life, improve safety performance; innovative use of round pulleys and tracks Adhesive, make the pulley and track gap more tight, push and pull more smooth, less noise; the entire frameless window seal uses rubber strips instead of traditional tops, better air tightness, longer service life, higher grade; humanized The clip-on plug design is safe and beautiful. At the same time, the product also provides optional configuration of profile drawing and glass film, allowing users to choose whatever they want.

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