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New design finzone30 can make 3 meters high. Oct 12, 2018

   Finzone balcony glazing system can be installed anywhere where there are walls, a bottom and top surface. Finzone balcony glazing system have been used on balconies, patios, or within interiors as partitions, or part of store fronts, in many different countries.

    We offer a variety of configurations, such as straight, angled or curved.  Finzone balcony glazing system are also available at half height or full height. And our finzone company has suggested a new design finzone30.It can make max 3 meters high.

     Please remember balconies are meant to be semi-outdoor spaces.  Glass Curtains are not a structural construction installation and therefore non-permanent. The tracks are surface mounted and panels installed into the tracks.  The systems can be installed and removed at any time. You may need council approval, please ask us for further advice. 

finzone glass curtain.