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Identify the main points of fake copper doors May 10, 2018

Compared with the copper gate with high price, the appearance of copper door is more and more middle class happy. Bronze nobility, the atmosphere, can reveal master noble identity, but the price is quite high is not suitable for the general consumers, imitation bronze appearance similar to bronze, performance is also the same way as bronze, relative to the bronze, the price also relatively moderate, use rise also can have bronze stature, loved by consumers.

In a market that is so competitive in the market, some unscrupulous merchants will be able to get more profits, and they will be punished with a lot of shoddy imitation copper doors, which will hurt many consumers.

So, how can be able to discern fake copper door true and false, do not buy again when buy inferior imitate copper door? It is mainly to see three aspects: a look at the color. Fake imitation bronze is in smooth plastic powder blending some copper powder, electrostatic spraying, reduce and plank of adhesion force, it will wipe metal brush, so metal feeling is not strong, the color will be uneven. In contrast, it is true that the copper gate is similar to the copper gate in appearance, with strong metal feeling and uniform color. Two lines, one is with black silk painting, one kind is with imported black gold atomized spray, by contrast, the difference is easy to see that with black silk spraying of true imitation bronze grain more clear. Look at the paint. Poor imitation copper door paint is not bright enough, and it is easy to fade and paint. Besides, in addition to the above three points, we should understand the manufacturer's production process and guarantee the quality after sale.

A general identification, basically can come out of the inferior imitation bronze, if there is doubt, can consult those who are experienced have help to look at, don't rush to buy a shoddy, back is broken it is too late to regret.